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Set sail with us on a breathtaking journey to raise monies & awareness for the early detection of
breast cancer. If you share this same passion and drive as we do by "Making a Difference in MN"
come join us as we fight our battle against breast cancer by being a treasured guest, volunteer
and/or sponsor of our events!



BREAST Damn Motorcycle Bra Run IV

Saturday, September 14, 2013



Medina Entertainment Center

500 Minnesota 55

Medina, MN 55340



We don't care what size it is... We don't care what color it is.... We don't care if it is your Neighbor's bra, your Mama's bra, your Daughter's training bra or your Grandma's bra... 


Click the Bras Below For MORE Info!

Everyone LOVES photos!


Click the PINK motorcycle below to view photos taken by Jenny Philips of Country Camera at our 3rd Annual Breast Damn Motorcycle Bra Run!



There are even more photos located on our Flickr page. Just click on the image below to be redirected...





It represents photographs or items we own that are priceless because of what they signify or how they give meaning to one's life.

It represents people, who may or may not know, what beautiful gems they are inside and out… true treasures…
as a result of their own accomplishments & defeats.

It represents your loved ones living and those kept safe in your memory chest…
treasured forever for you may not remember the exact date, but you remember that moment in time.

AND for some… a “Treasured Chest” is being BREAST CANCER FREE!

Written by Kelly Moore (founder/survivor)